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How it all started...

The Hummus Apparel adventure started in September of 2012.

Lionel approached Tom, “Hey man, do you want to start a business?”

“Sure, what kind?”

“A clothing brand all about Hummus.”

Short pause, as Tom took in the idea.

“Cool, let’s do it.”

And so Hummus Apparel was born.

We quickly found that Hummus Apparel gave us a way to reconnect with our roots as designers, engineers, and builders. We started doing what we found most energizing -- making stuff. And we did it relentlessly. T-shirts, stickers, belts, you name it.

And that’s exactly how The Booyah Belt came to life.

In the spirit of mixing things up, we created the patent-pending belt buckle that instantly separates from the rest of the belt, allowing people to easily mix and match various belt colors with their everyday style. With the Booyah Belt, you essentially get multiple belts with only one buckle. Booyah!

The Booyah Belt also helps people breeze through security. The TSA folks can scan your buckle along with your shoes while you keep the rest of your belt (and dignity) intact. Booyah!

The Booyah Belt is more than a belt. It is a reflection of our core beliefs as a company:

1. Mix it up - we strive to turn moments of frustration into moments of delight through good design. Life is too short to comply with the absurdity of the everyday.

2. Build, build, build - we believe in the power of making stuff. No PowerPoint decks around here. We think with our hands and act with our hearts.

3. Act local - we are committed to sharing our adventure with local partners as much as possible. Our buckles are manufactured in Redwood City, CA; our straps come from Calera, AL and stitched in Oakland, CA; and everything is designed and assembled in Oakland, CA.