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Fund it, We make it

About KravZone - KravZone is a Sunnyvale-based Krav Maga studio for kids and adults. One of our co-founders at Hummus Apparel has fallen in love with the art of Krav Maga, so it's an honor to partner with fellow small business owners at KravZone for this month's Booyah crowdfunding campaign. Let's kick some ass! More about the Booyah Belt:

$38 for buckle + 1 strap / $48 for buckle + 3 straps
• Interchangeable 1.5" Mega straps
• Made in SF Bay Area
• Stainless steel buckle (artwork laser-etched)

Payment - If you fund this product, we'll pre-authorize the payment amount on your credit card. We'll only actually charge your card if the product reaches its funding goal within the allotted time.

Shipping - The KravZone Booyah Belt has been fully funded. It will ship by end of November! We will continue taking orders until Wednesday November 13th. Don't miss out!